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Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance

Millions of people have been mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI) over many years and are now entitled to claim back PPI premiums. If you have taken out a loan, mortgage or credit card that includes payment protection insurance there is a good chance that ABC may be able to help you to claim back any PPI that is proven as mis sold.

Payment protection mis selling has affected thousands of customers with many banks and lenders mis selling PPI policies. It is quite possible that you were mis-sold PPI and you’re still paying for a policy that is potentially worthless. ABC have helped people to claim back millions of pounds.

How PPI was Mis Sold

Whilst not all PPI products are bad and some can be useful, many policies can be very expensive for the level of cover they offer and they have significant exemptions making it difficult for policyholders to benefit from the insurance.

Many people were mis sold payment protection insurance by the banks and lenders over a number of years. Dependant on when the PPI payments ended these premiums may be claimed back if the PPI is proven to have been mis sold. The banks sometimes informed customers that the payment protection insurance was a compulsory part of the loan, or, if they wanted the loan they would have to accept the PPI.

Banks also simply included the PPI as part of the loan without informing the customer. On other occasions the banks would sell PPI to customers who could have never claimed for the insurance such as the self-employed, the retired or the unemployed.

The Way

At ABC we work differently to most other claims management services. We are one of only a handful of companies that offers free, no obligation specialist consultant meetings to each of our customers to make an assessment on their claim for payment protection mis selling. Our consultants can come to you wherever you are in the UK at absolutely no cost to yourself.  We think that face to face is the best way of doing this and we keep you informed each step of the way. It’s the ABC way of doing things.

Our consultants are experts in their field and are familiar with the paperwork which is usually issued by a bank or lender.

We can establish the likelihood of whether you might have been mis sold payment protection insurance and talk you through the steps of how we can work with you to claim back potentially mis-sold PPI.

We operate on a no win no fee basis, in fact you don’t pay a thing unless your claim is successful. The time it takes to make a claim can range from potentially just six to eight weeks to many months and this often depends on the approach that the bank or lender takes when assessing your claim.

But please don’t just take our word for it. Read some of our customer reviews from people who we have helped to claim millions of pounds for mis sold payment protection insurance over the past few years.

To arrange a consultant meeting either call our Free number on 0808 126 3153 or fill in our online enquiry form.